Cedar Valley Dentist Reviews


Title: All of you are always so ...

Comments: "All of you are always so friendly and wonderful and it is a pleasure going to the dentist, I thank you all! Every time I walk out of your office I am sure that my mouth is in great shape, and I thank you."

Sun,17 Jul 2016 17:38:15 -0700

Title: Awesome:)

Comments: "Awesome:)"

Sat,16 Jul 2016 22:38:32 -0700

Title: Everytime I'm there I get...

Comments: "Everytime I'm there I get treated good. Everyone is always so friendly. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

Sat,16 Jul 2016 10:16:54 -0700

Title: Explained every move. I f...

Comments: "Explained every move. I felt like I was on his best interest, and they cared about me."

Fri,15 Jul 2016 08:49:54 -0700

Title: Friendly service and neve...

Comments: "Friendly service and never wait too long"

Fri,15 Jul 2016 05:56:24 -0700

Title: The visit was a quick one...

Comments: "The visit was a quick one and am glad I can get into the office on such short notice!"

Thu,14 Jul 2016 17:55:02 -0700

Title: Thorough, competent, prof...

Comments: "Thorough, competent, professional come to mind. I wouldn't go to any other office anywhere which present a problem should we leave the area."

Wed,13 Jul 2016 13:16:03 -0700

Title: Every time I've been ther...

Comments: "Every time I've been there, whether it's myself, or with the kids, everyone has been so pleasant!! Very proffesional, but also very friendly!"

Tue,12 Jul 2016 18:21:15 -0700

Title: I have not had a very goo...

Comments: "I have not had a very good experience so much happened that I can't even explain in this and also I pre paid and still got a bill the over all out come is I wont be back. I also have told many about my experience."

Mon,11 Jul 2016 17:57:57 -0700

Title: You have great people the...

Comments: "You have great people their and everyone is so friendly Those we deal will do such great jobs Yes, we have recommended your office to others and some of them I know of come there."

Sat,9 Jul 2016 18:07:05 -0700

Title: Everyone is so friendly.

Comments: "Everyone is so friendly."

Thu,7 Jul 2016 05:46:15 -0700

Title: Great treatment, Excelle...

Comments: "Great treatment, Excellent communication."

Thu,7 Jul 2016 04:37:05 -0700

Title: Best dentist experience i...

Comments: "Best dentist experience i've ever had!"

Fri,15 Jul 2016 09:29:07 -0700

Title: Great people and great ca...

Comments: "Great people and great care!"

Thu,14 Jul 2016 20:04:35 -0700

Title: Best cleaning yet. Gentle...

Comments: "Best cleaning yet. Gentle but clean teeth."

Thu,14 Jul 2016 14:21:19 -0700

Title: Great experience

Comments: "Great experience"

Wed,13 Jul 2016 05:15:29 -0700

Title: I was greeted in a very f...

Comments: "I was greeted in a very friendly manner . The appointment started in a timely manner. All of the personnel were friendly and very compentent. I like the new singing commercial"

Thu,7 Jul 2016 05:42:29 -0700

Title: I love the friendly welco...

Comments: "I love the friendly welcome and service there. In addition to great dental services, they really go the extra mile to provide additional care, such as water, phone chargers while waiting, lip balm, tooth brushes, and a variety of other option. They make you feel right at home."

Mon,4 Jul 2016 14:23:38 -0700

Title: The compassionate care an...

Comments: "The compassionate care and concern exhibited by all employees there make it almost enjoyable to go to the dentist. From Jane's greeting to final instructions with Dr Vore, I have a great deal of confidence in choosing Kimbal and Beecher as my dentist. It is so nice to have a dentist that you would trust to do anything that is needed for your teeth. DLS"

Sat,2 Jul 2016 08:26:08 -0700

Title: Good dental clinic all th...

Comments: "Good dental clinic all the way around."

Fri,1 Jul 2016 09:53:30 -0700

Title: Was put at ease, wonderfu...

Comments: "Was put at ease, wonderful staff!"

Fri,1 Jul 2016 06:45:27 -0700

Title: Very friendly staff

Comments: "Very friendly staff"

Thu,30 Jun 2016 20:16:29 -0700

Title: Most friendly and informa...

Comments: "Most friendly and informative (explained the whole process) dentist I've had yet. Super friendly and happy. The Dr. Didnt make me feel like he was rushed to get to the next patient either. A+"

Thu,30 Jun 2016 10:20:54 -0700

Title: Horrible cleaning which i...

Comments: "Horrible cleaning which is strange because usually they do a great job"

Tue,28 Jun 2016 15:15:05 -0700

IHOPE Thank you note

Kimball and Beecher Rave Review!

Kimball & Beecher Rave Reviews

"Having implants can be a painful process but mine went without hassle! With having my denture anchored with implants, makes it secure so I can smile and chew without the worry of it floating around!"


I had my first visit with your practice yesterday and I have to say I am so very impressed. I am so glad that I decided to change dentists.

When I walked in I was greeted by Lindsey. She has such a warm smile, was very friendly and upbeat. She was a perfect start and end to the visit.

Kacie, my hygienist was very nice, professional, knowledgeable and caring. She was great!

I saw Dr Beecher and he identified and issue with my gums that my previous dentist had never mentioned, explained what was going on without making me feel bad. He came up with a plan on how to start correcting the situation.

I will say that going to the dentist is never one of my favorite things to do, but your team turned what could have been a painful, negative experience into a pleasant one and I will not dread the dentist again.

Thanks again for everything and have a happy holiday! I'll see you in 6 months!