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Don't Waste Your Insurance Dollars!

Don't Wast Your Insurance Dollars!

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"I had a tooth pulled I was having no trouble with. I got a dry socket and came back 2 days later. The lady dentist seemed more interested in the the tooth above the dry socket then fixing my problem. She seemed the to think the tooth was causing my pain and not the dry socket. She wanted to pull the tooth right then but I didn't have the time. She put some medicine in the dry socket that lasted the day if that. I was suppose to come back on the 23rd to have the tooth pulled but I was still in pain from the other tooth. So I put it off for two weeks hoping I would be healed by then. I still have a hole in my gum where my tooth was that I can stick my tongue in. The pain has subsided but is still there. I am going to be cancelling the other appointment on monday morning. Contact me when my next cleaning is and they can look at the other tooth then. If Dr Beecher can't look at me I would not come in."
Richard M.

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